No Need to Compare

Edited in Silver Efex Pro 2

Cropped and edited in Silver Efex Pro 2

All of us at times go back and work on images with the intent of improving or learning something new. A couple days ago I converted an image to black and white because of an article I’d read. This is a second image I worked on. It is an HDR image. I’ve cropped the rocks out and run it through Silver Efex Pro 2. When finished I asked a couple of friends which one they liked.  One immediately jumped all over the color version while the second one took time to study them,  choosing the black and white version. It was at that moment I realized it was unnecessary to compare.  Each version would stand on its own. Each will be liked or dislike for a thousand reasons.  There was no need to compare.  Continue reading »

A Good Week

Sunrise at Arapahoe Bend

Sunrise at Arapahoe Bend

Well, it’s a new week. Seems like each week flies by faster. A friend gave me a copy of Outdoor magazine which was directed towards black and white landscapes. While reading one article I remembered a series of images I made of sunrises at Arapahoe Bend and Prospect Ponds nature areas. I was stirred to see what they looked like in black and white. After about an hour this is one of the images. Hope everyone has A Good Week.

No More Internet

The Art of the Latte

The Art of the Latte

Going to throw some numbers at you.  I pay $50 a month for Internet service at my condo. That comes to $600 a year. I’ve been in my condo for 13 years now, so that means I’ve paid $7,800 for internet services at condo. That’s a nice chunk of money. When looking at those numbers, my mind asks the question, “What could  I have spent that money on?” Well, I could have used that money and gone to Spain with Earl and Bonnie, or down to Mexico with Paul or a weekend in Webster, preferably in April or May, or bought more unnecessary camera gear. Actually, all the above may be the real answer plus a new underwear.

Most of you know I patronize local coffeehouses somewhere between 5-6 days a week. Yes, meetings would probably help. However, all of these coffeehouses provide free Internet. Six of these coffeehouses are within walking distance of my condo or quick bicycle ride. I’m a mobile person who carries along a camera, a Samsung tablet and a smart phone. I also have a 13″ laptop that is easy to carry. There is no reason I can’t just work off line then go for coffee or lunch and upload a post, check email, read my favorite blogs. So, I decided to eliminate my internet at home. It will require some adjustments such as working off line at home and better planning. We’ll see how it goes.

It’s also a sad day as I offer prayers for the families of the passengers on another Malaysian aircraft going down. :-( I do hope everyone has a good weekend.

What plan?

Blowing Grass

Squirrel-tail Grass

“Nobody ever wrote down a plan to be broke, fat, lazy, or stupid. Those things are what happen when you don’t have a plan.” Larry Winget

I wanted to share the patterns and colors of this squirrel-tail grass along one of the trails in a local park.


Eyelashes for Her

Eyelashes for Her

Found these lashes at the park a couple days ago. Not an accessory I want on my car but made me smile. :-)

Six Years Today

The First Nikon D300

The First Nikon D300

Six years ago today I bought my first Nikon D300, an upgrade from a D100. Fell in love with it and ended up purchasing a second one as a backup for the weddings and portraits I’ve taken. In the digital age thats a long time to keep a camera. Both cameras still take awesome images as long as the photographer plays his role. I checked them out and was surprised at the shutter count were as low as they are. They show 65,564 and 42,931 counts. Happy shooting!

A late post.

Looking East Over Fort Collins

Looking east over Fort Collins after the first storm

We have had two nice rains this afternoon, nice gentle rain but giving us about .8 inches of much needed moisture. After the first storm moved through I drove up the dam on Horsetooth Reservoir to shoot out across the city and eastern plains. The second storm moved in behind me while walking around Pineridge Reservoir at the foot of the dam. I go a bit wet but loved the smell and refreshing cool air. Continue reading »