Watering the Aspens

Watering the Aspens

Watering the Aspens

Elf Lane (also known as “Gnome Road”) is mountain trail in the quaint village of Red Feather Lakes, Colorado. The trail is a quarter-mile long between Lake Hiawatha and Lake Apache.

As you enter Elf Lane, there is a sign posted on a tree that reads: “PLEASE Do not take us, Break us, or Relocate us As We Live Here on ELF Lane to Watch over children and All the Little Animals.” As we walked the trail we found ceramic little characters; elves, gnomes, spiders, Elmo, angels, SpongBob, SquarePants, and many more. The little character who caught my eye was busy watering the aspen tree. 🙂

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Out of Town

Song of Sharon

Song of Sharon

Nancy has given my good friend Don a 24 hour pass so he and I are leaving in an hour to an area in the mountains call Red Feather Lakes. We will spend the night at his cabin which is located along the shore of one of the seven lakes that make up the Red Feather Lakes area. We will get in some hiking, a little laughter while making bodily orifice sounds and solve a few of the world’s problems. A guy thing.  🙂

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Just Painted

Newly painted lines on our street

Newly painted lines on our street

There is always something calling my attention, lines, patterns, light and shadows. As our cameras do exclude somethings due to the frame we have an opportunity to create abstracts, causing the viewer to take that second or third look. This time it was lines.

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Another Toy

Writing time in Old Town square

Writing time in Old Town square

I took my youngest daughter to an appointment in Old Town last week then we went to lunch. I sat outside at one of the tables to enjoy a latte and get in some writing. This time I intentionally set the camera to the Toy setting. 🙂

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Being a Regular

Mocha latte at the Bean Cycle. I'm in the loft looking down on the coffeehouse.

Mocha latte at the Bean Cycle. I’m in the loft looking down on the coffeehouse.

I can walk into several coffeehouses and be greeted by my first name. That feels good. 🙂 I also know several of them by name. At some locations I can even have the baristas call out and say, ‘The usual, Monte?” These young people and the coffeehouse can easily become an extended family. We will almost always have some sort of conversation whether started by them or me, asking questions such as, “How was your weekend?” or “What have you planned for the day?” I find it comforting  when they let me know I’m a person and not just a customer with money in his wallet.  Continue reading »

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More Flowers

“Courage is not only the willingness to face uncertainty but to embrace it, to collaborate with it.” David duChemin 

Another image taken at the CSU Experimental Gardens. We have had overcast skies and a lite rain for the past few days. This brings cooler temperatureS and higher humidity, so this morning I’m wearing a jacket. Forecast is for the same weather the next four days. 

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It Was an Accident

Rose of Sharon

While wandering around the backyard of my sisters I decided to take an image of this Rose of Sharon. After pressing the shutter buton I noticed a pause in the camera and a message in my EVF that said saving. This is not normal. So after some troubleshooting I discovered I’d somehow moved the drive dial to Adv1 setting. This had placed to camera into creating an image to duplicate a toy camera. I liked how they adjusted the image. So, by accident I found something I will use in some situations. This the untouched image it produced.


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