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Let me have it.

Door and Window

“By managing the attention of your viewers, you guide them to the heart of the story and free them from the difficult task of wading through an ambiguous image and its distractions.” Vision and Voice by David duChemin

Found this door walking along the streets of old Richmond near Virginia Commonwealth University. I was in search of a coffee shop called Rev It Up. I found the  shop and met the owners, Dave and Sharon, who are from Colorado. I enjoyed my mocha and she even gave me the extra shot (decaf).

Anyway, the streets around the campus are loaded with wonderful architecture and bright colors. The distraction I find in this image is the reflection in the window, other than that I like. I would love to hear your critiques of this image. Is it too busy? Does it tell a story? Or am I just focusing on the colors? Let me have.

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