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What was it like?

Blendon Woods park

A few years ago I needed new brakes installed on my truck. It was going to take a couple of hours so after dropping off the truck I walked down the street to a nearby coffee shop. As I walked along, I realized I was not in direct contact with the earth for that four-block walk. I was always on concrete or asphalt, never touching the earth. It also involved car exhaust, pedestrian lights and unnatural noises. Any and all plants around me were placed there by the designer. It caused me to wonder how much we have lost touch with nature?

Most of us know about our National Parks but many of us take our natural areas for granted and in some cases don’t even realize they exit. We are lucky to have these places of wonder and beauty to explore and take in. Yet, many of us make plans to watch a movie on the new 54 inch HD screen, or meet up with friends to pound down a few micro-brews, or play a game on our computer or Game-boy or work on a project we brought home from the office. I’ve spent my time doing all of them. It just seems to me our society has moved away from nature, placing ourselves in heated and air-conditioned buildings, our own created worlds?

I’m lucky to have the Metro Parks near my apartment here in the Columbus area. In 15 minutes I can be walking the trails of Blendon Woods Park or enjoying the flowers along the paths in Inniswood Gardens. They never seem to be crowded. I’m surprised how many people I meet walking or jogging the paths in our natural areas are plugged in and tuned in to their favorite music while missing the Meadowlark singing it’s distinct call, or the woodpecker hammering away on it’s favorite tree, or the chirping of the squirrels as they play their games of tag or the wind whispering through the trees.

I like to spend time on a bench along one of the trails to listen and watch nature. I only have one channel to select from and the reception is excellent. The concerns of work, bills, wars, taxes, oil spills, all seem far away and in another world. I enjoy the natural areas near my apartment and, as some of you already know, I use them often to step away from the busy world. And another question that often comes to mind is: what would it have been like 200-300 years ago when there were no paths or concrete or asphalt?

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Palm Leafs

In Sarasota last night. I took a walk around the block in the  afternoon, and then ate a place called Barnacle Bills. I’ve eaten there twice now and had good seafood both times. I highly recommend their Seafood Strudel. The walk back was good exercise and for this guy from the Colorado Front Range the plants in Florida are so interesting to me. Just outside the hotel door was this palm plant (tree). I know very little about these plants but this pattern of its leaves was awesome. I moved all over the place taking images from every angle I could find. Again showing the world my fascination with photography. This was my favorite. In Lightroom I converted it to black and white, reduced the exposure and tweaked the contrast a bit with tone curves. It’s been a good afternoon and evening. I liked the results of this image, the dinner was good (had salmon this time and it was in my price range). I then finished off the evening poolside with an iced mocha latte and did a bit of writing. Continue reading »

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A Busy Day Today

Fall Color

Today is going to be another busy day so I decided to post this image from yesterdays walk in Blendon Woods Park. Hope everyone has a good week!

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Images Everywhere

Shadow on the Wall

There is an image everywhere we look, we just have to see them.

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… there are no images.

Boats in Morning Fog

Images don’t magically appear on our hard drives because we think about them. We must crawl out of our warm beds on a cold and foggy morning for the magic to happen. If we’re not out there, there are no images.

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Warm Sunlight

Warm Sunlight

I spend a lot of time in hotels and airplanes, about half the month, actually. I’ve had people tell me they could not do what I’m doing and at the age of 60, I’m surprised I am to. But the variety of people I encounter each day and the places and sights I get to experience have added immensely to my life. Sometimes they are the just the small insignificant things such as my hotel room. The views from hotel windows, both looking out and in, are awesome. The evening this image was taken was just before the sun dropped below the horizon. I just loved the color of the sunlight against my bed and pillow. So, I spot metered and added one extra stop of light then went back to reading my book in the warm sunlight.

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Morning Fog

Fishing in the Fog

I woke early Saturday morning, checked the weather forecast and saw they were predicting fog. I quickly showered and headed out the door. Even though the mood of fog draws me into images, I have few images of these weather conditions. I have more opportunities out here in the Ohio Valley than I do in my Colorado. But, just like the couch, we have to get up out of a warm comfy bed to find these images.  But, so worth it. If you look close you can see a lone fisherman at the waters edge.

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