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Calling My Attention

An Empty Bench

An Empty Bench

I took this image last Sunday morning during our little snow storm. We received about 4-5 inches and still have some on the ground as temperatures have been staying cold. Directly behind and across the street is a student housing building where Mugs coffeehouse is located.  After my morning mocha I walked over to campus to enjoy the falling snow, to get in a bit of exercise and possibly find an image. I have several images of this bench, finding it’s solitude calling my attention. I cannot remember ever seeing anyone sitting on this bench. However, today it’s pretty obvious why it’s empty.

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Just guessing, but …

Solitary Bench

Solitary Bench

Yesterday morning we awoke to clear blue skies and sunshine. Loved it! I took the bus to the transit center then came across this scene while walking across campus. Since it had two of my favorite subjects, a bench and shadows, a photograph needed to be taken. One thing in this image that speaks to me is the solitude because it is a part of my life. Interesting how there are tracks around the pond but nowhere near the bench. Just guessing, but I’m thinking it’s due to the 23 degrees. 🙂

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Experience Such a World

A Bench with Light

A Bench with Light

“Each moment is an opportunity to create. We can see this in each sunrise, sunset, flower, rainbow, snowflake, as they are a series of creative moments. We are all gifted to create. We can create new views of and for the world. Why do we waste our creative moments? Is it fear of our creation to be flawed or rejected by others and ourselves? Yet, our art is not intended to be perfection but a chance to offer a gift. And, what about sloth? Sloth is another reason and closely related to fear. Sometimes it is easier to daydream and fantasize in our safe little world than spend the time and effort at creativity. What would the world be like if we all overcame our fears? What would it be to experience such a world?” An excerpt from my journal 1/13/2015

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Watching the Sunset


It is not only the tool that makes a good photograph. It is the person behind it. – Norman J. Piluke

I have invested good money into my tools for photography and I hope to spend the rest of my life investing in the person behind those tools and every once in a while in front of those tools. Anyway, it’s Friday and another week has quickly come and gone. I’ve gotta quit blinking so much these weeks are blazing by.

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Bench and Shadows


I saw the shadows from this bench as I came around the corner, almost a half block away. As I walked towards it my mind was looking for the best angle of the light, the composition, the backgrounds and exposure. After I had worked the scene, I had to laugh at myself as I realized how focused I was in getting over there. I could have walked in front of a car. Then there would not have been any image to post. Sheesh!

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Seeing Shadows

Early Morning Shadows

Early morning shadows from my walk around the hotel.

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A Morning Walk

The Potomac River

It was warm and muggy. After the short walk the sweat on my body was causing my shirt to stick to my back. When the wind blew the coolness felt good. It was quiet morning, very few people were out and yet it was after 8:00 am. The empty park felt as if it was all mine. In my imagination all the empty benches were calling me to sit and rest. So, I picked one. I wrote a few thoughts and observations in my moleskin, enjoying the peacefulness of the small park. I also took a few shots of what I saw to help document the moment. It was a good morning walk.

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