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Just Painted

Newly painted lines on our street

Newly painted lines on our street

There is always something calling my attention, lines, patterns, light and shadows. As our cameras do exclude somethings due to the frame we have an opportunity to create abstracts, causing the viewer to take that second or third look. This time it was lines.

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Another Toy

Writing time in Old Town square

Writing time in Old Town square

I took my youngest daughter to an appointment in Old Town last week then we went to lunch. I sat outside at one of the tables to enjoy a latte and get in some writing. This time I intentionally set the camera to the Toy setting. 🙂

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Being a Regular

Mocha latte at the Bean Cycle. I'm in the loft looking down on the coffeehouse.

Mocha latte at the Bean Cycle. I’m in the loft looking down on the coffeehouse.

I can walk into several coffeehouses and be greeted by my first name. That feels good. 🙂 I also know several of them by name. At some locations I can even have the baristas call out and say, ‘The usual, Monte?” These young people and the coffeehouse can easily become an extended family. We will almost always have some sort of conversation whether started by them or me, asking questions such as, “How was your weekend?” or “What have you planned for the day?” I find it comforting  when they let me know I’m a person and not just a customer with money in his wallet.  Continue reading »

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A Little Jazz Music

The music is in His Soul

Jazz musician near Bourbon Street in New Orleans

“More photographs of beautiful moments have been lost by looking at our cameras than will ever be lost to missed focus or poor exposure.” David duChemin

I took this image of the musician near Bourbon Street in New Orleans back in 2008 while I was still flying (working). There were perks with that job and one was the photographic opportunities offered on the longer overnights. 

Through those long overnights my interest in street and documentary photography was discovered. My camera equipment changed as the smaller mirror-less gear was more to my liking and much easier to travel with. The “decisive moment” began to take on more importance, knowing I could not come back and retake an image if I missed it.

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Linden Street Cafe

Morning Shadows

Morning Shadows

This was taken last week when I met a friend at the Linden Street Cafe in Old Town Fort Collins. We were not sitting at this table but loved the light so grabbed my journal and pen to setup this scene. Would have been a sweet place to journal.

It had been a while since I’d been here. The place is under new ownership and has had some new touches added. I liked it. 

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Red Rims

Red Rims

Red Rims

“Inner peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions.” Pema Chodron

It’s interesting  how the simplest thing can catch my attention.

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Place Hand Below



Yes, I always have my camera with me. I also washed and dried my hands. 🙂

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