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Morning fog at CSU Oval

Morning fog at CSU Oval

“Not creating delusions is enlightenment.” Bodhidharma

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Happy New Year!

I do not normally post favorites of the past year as it just did not interest me. However, it is a good exercise to reflect back over the past year because we can assume nothing much happened. Reflection is wonderful so here are a couple things that happened this past year.

I had a chronic medical problem reach a critical stage in late May and needed to have surgery. The surgery was a success and the quality of my life improved greatly.

I did take in a couple of trips. One trip took me the Phoenix area for about 6 weeks. I did some camping on my drive down; one night in The Great Sand Dunes and one night at Canyon De Chelly National Monument. I was able to spend quality time with my parents which is always good. Then my sister and I flew down to Phoenix for Thanksgiving with family. Awesome time and way to much food consumed.

I’m enamored again with fountain pens. Had several given to me and purchased six of my own. Now have 14 to choose from each morning when I pick up my journal. Let’s see, what color of pen and ink to want to use today is the biggest decision to start the day. 🙂

Most of my photography seemed to be focused on the street scenes, candid portraits and fewer landscapes. I also did a few portraits. I worked more with black and white images for the year. Anyway, below are a few images I like from this past year.

It is my hope everyone has a wonderful 2017 filled abundantly with joy, love, peace, serenity, adventure, family, friends, new beginnings and dark chocolate.

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Sunrise on the Yellowstone River

Yellowstone River Sunrise

Yellowstone River Sunrise

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Morning Fog

Morning Fog

Morning Fog

There is a favorite cottonwood tree along Stuart  street where the beginning of the Fisher Nature Area trail starts. I have been trying to take images of the tree and trail in as many weather situations as possible. Actually that would need to be every day. The sun is out this morning and looks like a beautiful day ahead.

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A Foggy Morning Walk

The Cottonwood Tree

The Cottonwood Tree

One of my favorite cottonwood trees surrounded with heavy fog.

The Oval at Colorado State University The Oval at Colorado State University Dew Covered DogwoodBeauty in Nature


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Under The Weather

Foggy Morning

Foggy Morning

Have been under the weather the past 5 days. Started as a sore throat and then a major head cold. I usually pass through colds in 48 hours or less so this is different. My muscles hurt from all the coughing. Any way here is a shot from a week ago when we had some early morning fog. We don’t get fog that often out here so we grab when we can. Even if we have a cold. I also thought a piece of coconut cream pie would help, so I took one before going to bed.

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Next Time

Cold Morning on Lake Loveland

I drove to Loveland to meet my sister for Sunday morning coffee and one of her special hugs. Sure needed the hug as my dashboard said it was 8 degrees. As I drove by Lake Loveland I was pleasantly surprised to see fog sitting above the lake. With the geese huddled up along the edge of the open water and the sun just coming up, I had to stop, take it all in and pull out my camera. This was not going to be a drive-by morning! Even though it was only 8 degrees I’m glad I stopped. And, when I got to the coffee shop my sisters hug was even more precious to me. Just after I got back in the car and started to drive away the geese lifted off. That would have been an awesome image. Next time.

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