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Sunset at the Grasslands

Sunset and Windmill

Here’s another image from the road trip I made couple days ago to the Pawnee National Grasslands. I started up there later in the day than I wanted so I did not have much time to explore once I arrived. I will plan my next excursion better and get in some hiking. However, I did have a chance to enjoy a wonderful sunset.

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To my enjoyment ….

The Farmers Two Trees

On Wednesday it started snowing sometime after 11:00 pm and continued until midday. The silence of a snowfall during the night allows us to awake to a new world, one covered in a blanket of white. For me watching a snowfall is a thing of beauty but there is something special when a silent snowfall surprises you in the morning. And, I accept, that along with all this beauty in nature comes the cold and wet, which is its way of sustaining this world of ours.

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Road trip

Pawnee National Grasslands

I made a short road trip with the new wheels. I drove up to the Pawnee National Grasslands, about 280 miles round trip. So I tested it with some highway miles and rugged dirt roads. Gas miles was good: 28 miles per gallon. It handles well both on the highway and the dirt roads.

It has been several years since I visited the Grasslands. I hope to make a few more trips up there. It is one area where we have not taken a plow to the native grasses. The grassland is large with just over 193,000 acres. I notice a large quantity of wind turbines and oil wells I don’t remember. A little research uncovered they are allowing a limited amount of developed facilities. The area is also know for its birding with several species, especially during migration. Forest service roads allow for easy access to most areas of the grasslands and lead to many hiking trails. These trails will lead you to the Pawnee Buttes. I’m gonna have to make more trips up there.

While developed facilities are limited on the grassland, recreation opportunities are not. The Pawnee is an internationally known birding area
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