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Happy New Year

Here are a dozen images from 2017 that I liked. Happy New Year and hope the coming year is full of good things for you. 

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Fall Reflections

Fall Reflections

“I think (too much), therefore I am (not there to live my life).” Thich Nhat Hanh

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It Was a Good End to a Beautiful Weekend

Sunset at Arapaho Bend Nature Area

Sunset at Arapaho Bend Nature Area

Yesterday was too gorgeous a day not to be outside. So, I  took an early afternoon walk through the Red Fox Meadows near my condo. Found a little knoll with sunshine to sit and journal, which I really needed. Love the music made by the leaves and wind. Drowns out the automobiles in the distance and excess chatter of my mind.

After returning to my condo the time in the meadow was not enough of a nature fix for me. I listened to nature’s call and drove to the Arapahoe Bend Nature Area. I made the mile and a half walk around the ponds. Parking lot was full and saw several photographers shooting family portraits against the fall colors.  It was a good end to a beautiful weekend. 

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The Cottonwood Tree

The Cottonwood Tree

“Today everything exists to end in a photograph.” ― Susan Sontag

Here is another image from my walk at the Arapaho Bend Nature Area this past weekend. Hope everyone is enjoying their leftover candy from Halloween Night. Strange how we always buy too much of it. 🙂

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Back to Nature


Clouds and blue sky at the Arapaho Bend Nature Area.

Needed a reprieve from the city noise and tension it seems to generate. So, I dropped my grandson off at work on Saturday afternoon then drove to the Arapaho Bend Nature Area. Loved the blue sky against the brown trees and the soft delicate scattered clouds in this image. Lots of people out with the same idea. My intentions were to get out and walk, find a place to sit and read a book. Of course I just happen to have my camera, so when nature provides scenes I accept them. Just off to the left of this image was a photographer working on some family portraits. Hope they turn out okay.


Milkweed pods and seeds, another generation, found along the trail.

I find milkweeds almost everywhere. They are abundant along our rivers and I found them abundant while living in Ohio. They are a source of food for many insects and an attractor for monarch butterflies. However, they are not recommended for human consumption. Better off eating that banana or trail mix. Just enjoy their beauty!

Afternoon starburst against a cottonwood tree

Afternoon starburst against a cottonwood tree in the Fall

I have several images of this tree with the sun directly behind it. It seems to always be in that same location and offering me another photo opportunity but each time with different light, foliage and cloud patterns. So, they are never the same image. I enjoyed getting back to nature and letting it touch me inside.

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A Spring Day



What a beautiful day we had yesterday. Actually the whole weekend was all about Spring. I took a walk out at the Arapahoe Bend Nature Area. People were out walking the dog, riding bicycles and fisherman all along the banks of ponds. I talked one fisherman and he was a grinning and bragging about the bass and perch they were catching.



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I Like What I See

Shadows in the Snow

Shadows in the Snow

It’s nice to see the weather finally starting to warm up. But this is Colorado so we could have 6 inches of snow and be back in the teens in four weeks. This past weekend was nice for us out here in Colorado. I took a walk at the Environmental Learning Center on Saturday and the Arapahoe Bend Nature Area on Sunday. Both areas were pretty muddy and that means things will be greening up before we know it.

During my walk I realized how I have taken my vision for granted. By vision I’m referring to the ability to see. A blind person must see with other senses. I also see in color that others do not. The older I get the more aware I am of those things around me, being present to the moment. At this time in my life my mind is not tied up with family worries or a project schedules at work. So, there is gratitude in just seeing. And, I like what I see.

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