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Redd's Wicked Apple

Redd’s Wicked Apple

When I began drinking in the late 60’s we had a handful of beers to choose from: Coors, Hamms, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Budwieser, Michelob and others. That’s not the case now. Go into any liquor store now a days and there are 100’s of different beers to choose from. Someone tried one of these then left it on the curb. Not sure if it was empty but thought this can made for an interesting image.

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Beer Truck

Beer Truck

Beer Truck

Odell Brewing is a local brewery in Fort Collins. Doug Odell, his wife, and his sister joined forces and opened up the Odell Brewery in 1989. 

Odell Brewing are now the 34th largest craft brewery in the country distributing beer to just 14 states.. While the brewery crafts a variety of beers, its roots are built on British styles. Innovation and creativity meet balance, consistency and quality in each brew.

The brewery’s managed growth strategy has created and fostered a culture of family and collaboration. In 2015, the Odell family founders sold the majority of the company to its co-workers (now co-owners) in a combined management buyout and ESOP.

This image is the side of one of their beer trucks. It has the colors and patterns that called to this photographer.

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Read the Signs

The Beer Truck

The Beer Truck

Please take the time to read the signs on the truck.

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I’ll Bring the Beer

ODells Brewery Truck

Well, more snow expected for tomorrow, 3-5 inches. Anyone down south, or a place without snow, have a couch I can sleep on for the next couple nights? I’ll bring you some ODells for you.

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Kansas City BBQ

The Porker

We were in Kansas City for the night and we all were thinking BBQ, so we headed to a place called the SmokeBox BBQ Cafe. If you like BBQ I highly recommend it. You can’t go wrong with any of the pork, beef, chicken or the sausage. Get the dinner plate and you’ll find fries, coleslaw, and beans piled next to the meat, up to here.

Kansas City Beers

I’ve had my drinking days and gratefully  no longer indulge but I still enjoy my time out with friends: I spend less money and don’t have hangovers anymore. As we talked about work, motorcycles and golf, I notice the light on the beers and had to take a shot (a photo, silly) of the beer glasses. Hope everyone has a great day!

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