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Stay Warm

Cold. That pretty much describes the weather for the past week. We had a couple inches of snow on December 30 and with the cold it’s still on the ground.

Since I’m not a party person I was under the covers with a book by 9:00 pm on New Years Eve. However, I was up early on New Years day, put on a crockpot of chicken tortilla soup then met  a longtime friend for coffee. Later in the afternoon, even though it was still cold, I ventured out for a walk with my camera.  I might as well start my new year with camera in my hand. And, it’s the same camera as the past 3 years. Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays. And, stay warm!

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It Was an Accident

Rose of Sharon

While wandering around the backyard of my sisters I decided to take an image of this Rose of Sharon. After pressing the shutter buton I noticed a pause in the camera and a message in my EVF that said saving. This is not normal. So after some troubleshooting I discovered I’d somehow moved the drive dial to Adv1 setting. This had placed to camera into creating an image to duplicate a toy camera. I liked how they adjusted the image. So, by accident I found something I will use in some situations. This the untouched image it produced.


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Walking With My Camera 



Took my camera for a walk yesterday. All images taken with the Fujifilm 35mm f2.0 lens and handheld. Both images are 100%, or greater, crops.

Black and White Fly

Black and White Fly

“Every human being needs a contemplative practice, perhaps gazing at nature in wonder, with a camera or paint brush, taking time.” Thomas Moore

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I’m Impressed

An Unshoveled SIdewalk

An Unshoveled Sidewalk

I was impressed with the focusing ability and speed for the Fujifilm X-T10 combined with the Fujifilm 35mm 2.0 lens. I saw this low contrast scene with the light shadows on the snow and wanted an image. I turned the camera on with my index finger and increased the exposure with my thumb while I raised the camera to my eye. In my mind I was thinking I’d have to manually focus this scene because of the lack of contrast but this pair immediately snapped on focus. Yes, I am impressed. Stay warm

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The X-T10 with 27mm f2.8 lens and my journal.

The X-T10 with 27mm f2.8 lens and my journal.

This is pretty much all I carry with me in my backpack, anymore. One camera, one lens. My journal and pen. Kindle paperwhite. A light jacket. Sometimes I throw in a small “10” Chromebook. The kitchen sink. And, I don’t usually carry this much cash with me, either. 🙂


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Don’t go back to sleep

Sunrise on the Farm“The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you, don’t go back to sleep.” Rumi

Rumi is not talking about rolling over and going back to sleep but about falling asleep to life. We can sleep through life by spending time in front of television, time on the computer, alcohol and drugs, overeating, gambling, etc. There is no need to make a list. We all can make our own list, as we are all susceptible to falling asleep. There are many tools and practices to help us with staying awake: mindfulness, meditation, contemplation, our breathing, prayer words, yoga, tai chi, daily walks. I’ve come to experience the practice of meditation and contemplation, helps me to stay awake to life. As Christine Valters Paintner says, “Most meditation practices are, at heart, about staying awake to life, being fully present to our experiences, and becoming aware of our own preconceived ideas and expectations that obscure our vision.”

Photography is another practice that keeps me from falling asleep to life. It’s taken me a few years to understand its impact in helping me stay present. I seldom take a walk without a camera around my neck which is combining more than one practice. When taking each walk my intent is to repeat a prayer word in rhythm with my breathes and steps, while the eyes of the heart and soul stay awake to what life is presenting. No preconceptions, just looking for secrets Rumi suggests we can find.


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Six Years Today

The First Nikon D300

The First Nikon D300

Six years ago today I bought my first Nikon D300, an upgrade from a D100. Fell in love with it and ended up purchasing a second one as a backup for the weddings and portraits I’ve taken. In the digital age thats a long time to keep a camera. Both cameras still take awesome images as long as the photographer plays his role. I checked them out and was surprised at the shutter count were as low as they are. They show 65,564 and 42,931 counts. Happy shooting!

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