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Free Hersheys

Hersheys Candy

Hersheys Candy

As I walked up to get on the bus I noticed these Hershey candy bars laid out on the rock bench. Were they free? No one was around. I’m well aware that placing chocolate out in the open is a temptation for many people, myself included! But this scene was even more tempting because it was not just a single candy bar but motherload of eight. Now being a compulsive Hersheys candy bar thief I quickly checked around for any eyewitnesses. Seeing no one around I reached for one, knowing very well I was about to take two or more.
However, something stopped me from taking them. The instant I touched them I began to laugh at the situation. What stopped me and caused me to laugh was discovering they were cleverly “glued” to the rock bench. I took this image then looked to see if I was secretly being watched and quickly got on the bus. I’m still laughing at myself.

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M & M’s

No I did not have these for breakfast.


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Too Much Sugar

Too Much Sugar

We had time yesterday morning to head to downtown Savannah before our late afternoon flight. We attempted to eat lunch at Paula Deans restaurant, The Lady and Son’s, but it was too long a wait. Our walk through the city lead us into three candy stores, each one offering samples of their goods. Being willing customers, we took our share of these samples. After a while the sugar rush kicks in and scenes such as above happen. 🙂 Here is Eugene and Ali all sugared up.

Marilyn and Monte

Along City Market I ran into Marilyn  so Eugene took a photo with her showing me a little leg.

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Final Analysis


After weeks of testing during this Christmas season I have concluded that there is no taste difference between the red or green peanut M&M’s. The sampling was conducted on a 16 oz bag of M&M’s called the Holiday Mix (the green bag). There were found to be noticeable color differences, the sizes of samples varied widely, but it seems the taste has always been the same. It was even noticed on some samples where the letter “m” was missing (a quality control issue) and also found no taste differences. So, the final analysis is they all tasted the same from the one 16 oz. bag. I believe no further testing required this season. 🙂

I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable New Years Eve and day. May the coming year be full of surprises and wonderful blessings! Hugs!

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