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An Observation

Hiawatha Lake

Hiawatha Lake

There seems to be a correlation between the increase in my age and a decrease in  sunrise images and increase of sunsets images. Now at Momo Lolos coffeehouse and listening to a pianist and flutist duet. Love the change from the piped music we find most of the time.

Family and community are an essential part of my life as well as my solitude. There are some who avoid solitude, finding it uncomfortable. And, there are some who avoid communities, finding it uncomfortable. I need both. Community and fellowship helps me to appreciate the solitude and quiet. While the solitude and quiet help me appreciate community. 

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Solitude and Community

Geese at Dawn

Geese at Dawn

Solitude is important in my life. Community is important in my life. Time alone nurtures my inner spirit, clears out the cobwebs, and heals. Yet, spending time with others also nurtures my spirit, helps me see life through others eyes and community also heals. Spending time alone shooting photographs helps me become a better photographer. Shooting with and sharing experiences with fellow photographers helps me become a better photographer. Why shouldn’t I embrace both solitude and community.

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Gathering Places


Children at Play

Gathering Place

Not everyone drinks coffee or tea at coffee shops. These shops, both small mom-and-pop and corporate, have become gathering places for conversation, study groups, romantic meetings and business deals. It’s a place for perking up in the morning and relaxing in the afternoon. People will go out to eat then stop for a coffee and conversation before going home. If you find a favorite one you will find yourself building a community of fellow coffee drinkers. I have a accumulated a family of friends from visits to these shops. Some of those will be life long friendships. Yep, coffee shops are a gathering place.

For these children it’s also a time to play. I  like the comparison of the mother in the background talking with her hands while the children are playing a game with their hands.

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