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New Fountain Pen

Pilor Elite 95s

Pilot Elite 95s

I have a new fountain pen called a Pilot Elite 95 s. I fell in love with this pen the first time I noticed it over a year ago. Pilot’s Elite S fountain pen was first introduced in 1968 and enjoyed great popularity especially as a wonderful gift for celebrating school admittance or a new job. The Elite 95S is based on the 2nd-generation Elite S from 1975, and mirrors the vintage feel of a pen from those times.

It has a retro style look I like. The 14K gold nib gives the pen a classy intriguing look and is a smooth writing instrument. When capped, it’s short and lightweight at 15 grams. When the cap is posted, the pen’s standard length makes it comfortable for writing. It comes in a solid black with gold trim and a burgundy body with a gold cap. I’m loving it!


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I Write

Lamy Logos

Lamy Logos

“A pen transmits the voice of the soul.” Fennel Hudson

I now have two Lamy Logos. One is a pearl color and the other is twilight. I have a deep blue ink in the pearl Logo and a black/brown ink in the twilight Logo.  

I enjoy going to coffee shops but it’s not just for coffee. These small shops are an extended family. A connection can be make with the baristas and many of the regulars. We get to know one another, the good things in life and the hard stuff we deal with. I come to watch people and to meet total strangers, who sometimes become friends. I come here to write in my journal about what I see, feel and what I dream. I sip on my mocha, a dark brew, a tea and every so often a chai. I write. I’m happy.

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Another Toy

Writing time in Old Town square

Writing time in Old Town square

I took my youngest daughter to an appointment in Old Town last week then we went to lunch. I sat outside at one of the tables to enjoy a latte and get in some writing. This time I intentionally set the camera to the Toy setting. 🙂

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The Stella and Legno

Pilot fountain pens

Pilot fountain pens

“You write because there’s fire in your bones. You’ve got to do this whether anybody ever reads it or not.” Eugene Peterson 

These are two of my sisters fountain pens. The front pen is her new Pilot Legno 89s fountain pen in deep red, and features a rhodium-plated 14K nib.  It is an open-grain (as opposed to sealed/varnished) “wood” finish – which is actually a resin-impregnated compressed laminated wood product. Both barrel and cap are lathe-turned from this solid yet light-weight material. One website stated the body was made from “Kabanoki” is Cherry tree called the “Queen of broad leaf tree” in Japan. Kabanoki Wood is used to make furniture, so the grain pattern is relatively bold and tough. Believe what you want.

The white pen is a Pilot Stella 90s in pearl/white. It has a pearly painted lacquered brass body and is heavier than the Legno. It also features the rhodium-plated 14K nib. This pen, appropriately named Stella, is one of her favorite pens. Both pens look and feel similar to the Pilot Prera pens.

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This is my TWSBI Eco fountain pen. This pen is not as attractive to me as my conventional pens because it is a demonstrator pen. A demonstrator pen is made of clear resin so you can see the inside of the pen, its piston mechanism and ink flow. I have this pen loaded with Pelikan Edelstein Topaz ink which is a very pretty blue. The more I use this pen the more I like it. It is a smooth writer and allows good ink flow. I ordered the medium nib which seemed too wide for me until I found this ink that works well with the wetter nib.  

A side note. Had to replace my water heater on Thursday. I have been wanting to replace it for the past year as it’s somewhere between 16 and 18 years old. The last thing I need is to have it break down and deal with flooding. On Monday it began making unfamiliar noises so I called to have it replaced. There is a sigh of relief but also a cringe because my wallet it $1150 lighter which means a delay on the next camera lens. 🙁

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Happy New Year!

I do not normally post favorites of the past year as it just did not interest me. However, it is a good exercise to reflect back over the past year because we can assume nothing much happened. Reflection is wonderful so here are a couple things that happened this past year.

I had a chronic medical problem reach a critical stage in late May and needed to have surgery. The surgery was a success and the quality of my life improved greatly.

I did take in a couple of trips. One trip took me the Phoenix area for about 6 weeks. I did some camping on my drive down; one night in The Great Sand Dunes and one night at Canyon De Chelly National Monument. I was able to spend quality time with my parents which is always good. Then my sister and I flew down to Phoenix for Thanksgiving with family. Awesome time and way to much food consumed.

I’m enamored again with fountain pens. Had several given to me and purchased six of my own. Now have 14 to choose from each morning when I pick up my journal. Let’s see, what color of pen and ink to want to use today is the biggest decision to start the day. 🙂

Most of my photography seemed to be focused on the street scenes, candid portraits and fewer landscapes. I also did a few portraits. I worked more with black and white images for the year. Anyway, below are a few images I like from this past year.

It is my hope everyone has a wonderful 2017 filled abundantly with joy, love, peace, serenity, adventure, family, friends, new beginnings and dark chocolate.

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The TWSBI Classic

TWSBI Classic

TWSBI Classic

This is my sisters TWSBI Classic with a fine nib. She is courageous enought to allow me to use and abuse it for a short period of time. So far I like the feel of it and I like the fine nib. It is very close in line size to my Pilot medium nibs. We have Waterman Serenity blue ink in it for now and that seems to work well with the pen.

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