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Free Hersheys

Hersheys Candy

Hersheys Candy

As I walked up to get on the bus I noticed these Hershey candy bars laid out on the rock bench. Were they free? No one was around. I’m well aware that placing chocolate out in the open is a temptation for many people, myself included! But this scene was even more tempting because it was not just a single candy bar but motherload of eight. Now being a compulsive Hersheys candy bar thief I quickly checked around for any eyewitnesses. Seeing no one around I reached for one, knowing very well I was about to take two or more.
However, something stopped me from taking them. The instant I touched them I began to laugh at the situation. What stopped me and caused me to laugh was discovering they were cleverly “glued” to the rock bench. I took this image then looked to see if I was secretly being watched and quickly got on the bus. I’m still laughing at myself.

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As I drove home Friday afternoon I noticed this new snowman in the front yard of a home along Mountain Avenue. Turned the car around so I could meet this fellow and see if he’d let me post an image of him on my blog. He had a Kool hat. I thought I heard him say yes. 🙂

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“The secret to success is to start from scratch and keep on scratching.” – Dennis Green

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Words of Wisdom

Oh, that's whats' wrong.

Oh, that’s whats’ wrong.

Every once in a while a bad day will raise it’s silly head. Nothing seems to go right. The brain is just not running on all cylinders, randomly sputtering unintelligible words, drawing strange looks from your favorite barista. I’ll give and example. All of a sudden you face a situation where you press the shutter button on your camera and nothing happens. You make a gasp for air as if your life is about to end. Your pulse rate and blood pressure just rocketed. You look at the camera turning it around to see whats wrong and it fires. You let our a sigh of relief as you realized it was on the self-timer mode.  A photographer error. Well, I’m here to help with my words of wisdom. There are a couple of things we need to look at on those bad days.

First, check your socks. We are now able to buy socks that are made for right and left feet. They put these little “R’s” and “L’s” on them to help. It is a known fact the day could be off kilter if those socks are on the incorrect feet. You may also notice is a slight limp, unable to keep your balance or walk in a straight line. Check it out. Second, is your shorts. Nothing can mess up the day more than having your shorts inside out. Let me tell you it happens to the best of us. A primary symptom with this is the inability to sit comfortably for any period of time. Or you could have them on backwards. You will have the same symptom with this situation. You may encounter an embarrassing time if standing in front of a public urinal. Now, if you have them both on backwards and inside out you might as well just go back to bed and start all over. Hope this helps the next time you have a bad day.

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Put it on the list

Whitetail Buck

Whitetail Buck

If you look closely you will see a nice whitetail buck staring directly at you. I came upon him while he was bedded down in the trees just to the left. All I had with me was my Fujifilm X-E1 and the 18-55mm lens. It’s not the lens for reaching out to capture wildlife images. Off to the right side was his harem of 4 does. There was a time when I thought a harem was what I needed but once reality set in, those fantasies are long gone. 🙂

Even though I’m quite happy with this camera and lens, this image reignited a wish to have more focal length than the 55mm. What I want is an image stabilized 12-400mm zoom with a variable aperture of f1.2 to f2.8 and only weight 12 ounces. I’d even settle for a cheaper, and lighter, version at a fixed f4.0. So, I’m putting it on my Christmas list, right below the new underwear. Always need new underwear. So, I guess I still have fantasies, they’ve just shifted a bit.

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Check Your Socks

Wrong feet? No wonder!

At the end of the day when you can finally sit down and take your shoes off, check those socks. It may be the answer to why the day was rougher than usual. And we try to blame others. 🙂

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Cookie Thief

Caught with the evidence

I bought a package of those Chips Ahoy cookies the other day. After about 3 days I noticed they were disappearing waaaayyyy to quickly and suspected a cookie thief. I setup a surveillance camera in an effort to catch the thief. As can been seen in the above image I’ve caught the thief with the cookies in hand. Now I need your help. Are there any suggestions for appropriate punishment and to prevent it from happening again as I still have cookies left. Rehabilitation is probably needed! I’m also wondering if this could be the same cookie thief I had in my last apartment. Hope he doesn’t find out about my stash of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream. 🙂

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