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Fingernail Art



Their is a nail Salon, Paradise Nails, next door to one of the coffee shops I patronize. In their window are all these plastic hands with a wide variety of shapes, colors and designs of nails customers can choose from. I have seen these hands for a long time and finally stepped inside this past week to ask if I could take a photo of these hands and nails. I’ve never gone in for a couple of reason. First, the smell from the polish and remover is nauseating to me. As I walk by I can see the girls wearing masks due to the fumes. Second, even after all these years, I’m still hesitant to ask. By the way I didn’t find any that I liked.

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Missed them the first time

Bent Nails

Looks like someone took a hammer to these large nails that once protruded from this telephone pole. A year and a half ago I posted an image of two nails protruding from a telephone pole. This past week I was in the same area and while on a walk looked for this same telephone pole. I found it and also discovered these two bent nails. Strange how I missed it the first time I was there.

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Seeing The Ordinary

Rusty Nails

Amazing what we can discover when we take a few steps and go for a walk. After a day of flying I find it renewing to walk while on my overnights. It’s both healthy for me physically and mentally. I never know what I will see and experience on these walks. I’ve had opportunities to meet really interesting people, or find that neat little shop, park, museum. I may discover a bit of the history of the community, something of its past. Whatever I encounter, I’m learning to experience it, feel it, live it. If we do not take forward steps we will not go anywhere nor see and experience new things in life, or even the ordinary and overlooked things in life. Have a super day!

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Two Nails

Two Nails on Telephone Pole

Found on one of my walks. Wonder what they were used for?

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