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Lines and Shadows

Pergola on the back patio.

Pergola on the back patio.

Whenever my sister, Sheree, and I go down to visit at Thanksgiving our dad always had some pre-cut piece of wood for us to carve. so, we sit on the back patio and carve to our hearts desire. I think I took a similar image like this last year so I apologize if it looks similar.

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Pergola on my parents patio

Pergola on my parents patio

“You don’t become enormously successful without encountering and overcoming a number of extremely challenging problems.” Mark Victor Hanson

I’ve had a few of challenging problems in my life and I assume you have also. Reflecting back I see where some of those challenges were not really challenges at all, some were created by me and some were both. I learned from some of those challenges while some I repeated (more than twice). While working as an engineer, I found it exciting to encounter challenges. Those challenges helped keep my interested in that career, at least for a few years.

As we age many will face the challenge of health problems. Knees will pop and crack, backs will hurt more, arthritis will be more persistent, naps will play a more important role, our metabolism slows down and more. And, I imagine, keeping up with technology will require calling the (great) grandkids. As you know I just made a trip to visit my parents and I see the challenges my parents are facing and notice them occurring in my own life.

Photography, also offers us challenges. Learning the capabilities of our gear, dealing with weather and lighting conditions. If making money with our passion is required then we may have challenges with learning how to work as a business, marketing, finances.

Anyway, while relaxing on my parents back patio I noticed the patterns and colors of their pergola and the blue sky. And, since I had my camera I took one shot. To me this is an example where images do come to us. This image was given to me rather my efforts  to capture or take an image. We just have to be there.

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