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Reflecting back over my life I see a pattern where I’ve lived much of my life seeking to fill some void. I’m now aware this void is more of a spiritual hunger. It’s not a religious hunger, although I looked there. Maybe this assumed void has really been some subconscious spiritual part of me calling from within. It’s a new way of thinking and living in my life and sharing a bit of that with you.

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Being Present on the Path



On the Path

“We may have entered the spiritual path. But nothing will change inwardly unless we change the tendency to cherish and protect ego. Outwardly, we may seem to be a more spiritual person intent on a genuine spiritual path. But if we want our path to feel safe and secure, everything will stay the same.” It’s Up to You page 72 by Dzigar Kongtrul

I did a bit of photoshop to this image something I do very little of.

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