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The Long Winter Shadows

On Campus Shadows

On Campus Shadows

This is a scene I am given each day I leave class and make my way to the bus. I finally stopped and brought a moment home with me. Have a great weekend! 

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Being Present

Shadows of students waiting at the bus stop

Shadows of students waiting at the bus stop

Being present is about living where I’m at in my own shoes. I cannot live in the past or future. Being present is being awake. Acceptance. I’ve heard it said,  “Reality is only experienced when we live life in the present.” May I live today in the present!

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Afternoon Shadows

Late afternoon shadows at a bicycle rack

Late afternoon shadows at a bicycle rack

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Who’s in Control?


“Observing and photographing nature makes me realize who is truly in control, and believe me, it’s not us humans.”

Michael Garth

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Lamp Post and Shadows

Lamppost and Wall

“Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.” Albert Einstein 

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