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Mr Lee’s

Found a new barbershop

Found a new barbershop

While enjoying a walk in a different neighborhood I discovered this interesting graffiti then realized it was a small barbershop. 

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Beer Truck

Beer Truck

Beer Truck

Odell Brewing is a local brewery in Fort Collins. Doug Odell, his wife, and his sister joined forces and opened up the Odell Brewery in 1989. 

Odell Brewing are now the 34th largest craft brewery in the country distributing beer to just 14 states.. While the brewery crafts a variety of beers, its roots are built on British styles. Innovation and creativity meet balance, consistency and quality in each brew.

The brewery’s managed growth strategy has created and fostered a culture of family and collaboration. In 2015, the Odell family founders sold the majority of the company to its co-workers (now co-owners) in a combined management buyout and ESOP.

This image is the side of one of their beer trucks. It has the colors and patterns that called to this photographer.

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Consuming My Average



I seldom drink any sort of sodas. I have not really enjoyed them for several years. However, while I was working as a flight attendant I would sometimes take a sip just because it was there. I have not drank a full can for years. An article in Business Insider states, “carbonated soft drinks have declined in the US, from nearly 53 gallons per capita at its peak in 1998 to 41 gallons per capita in 2014.”  In my google search I also found that the products of The Coca-Cola Company are consumed at the rate of more than 1.8 billion drinks per day. If those massive numbers are correct then someone is consuming my average. 

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What was I thinking?

Cold Morning at the Bus Stop

Cold Morning at the Bus Stop

It was 13 degrees this morning while waiting for the bus as I headed to campus and a mocha at Morgan Library. What was I thinking or was I? Anyway the mocha hit the spot and library was warm quiet. 

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In the Shadows

In the Shadows

In the Shadows

When shooting this image I needed to choose between exposing for the shadows or the highlights. I chose to expose for the highlights. By choosing to expose for the highlights, half the image is in the dark shadows, giving the image a feel of mystery. However, I was not expecting  what I felt when seeing this image on my monitor. The shadows seemed to be the only thing I could focus on. It asks the questions: What is in the shadows?

Here’s one answer to that question. The arrow is pointing my heart towards the shadows. Within those shadows are life’s risks, the unknown, my doubts, fears, insecurities and my wounds.

For years I told myself, and believed, I was not good enough to be a photographer, or writer or whatever else I dreamed of pursuing. Always in those shadows were the desires and dreams to be more, a voice whispering in my soul.

We only venture into into the shadows when we listen to the inner voice, and with whatever courage and faith we have, discover what’s there. If you were to step into the shadows of this image you would find a recessed door to the back of a restaurant. For me the door symbolizes the opening to new opportunities, more doors.

Yes, walking into dark shadows can be frightening to me. It requires a risk and accepting all the many lessons to be learned. Lessons improve my craft, build confidence and encourage me to venture into even more shadows.

I just may have to go back and shoot this image to expose for the shadows. Could be another lesson. 🙂

“We all have the dark, ignorant shadow inside us. I have worked endlessly to reveal it and heal it in me.” Anne Lamott

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Lunch Special

It does sound good

I Suspect They’re a Bronco Fan

I did not watch the Super Bowl, just not that interested in it. However, Colorado does have a few Bronco fans as you can tell in the above sign. As, I rode the bus yesterday I could not believe how many orange and blue clothing people owned. Enjoy your week.

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Today's Special

Today’s Special

The sun is shinning this morning! Clouds moved in on Friday and snow began that night and continued until Sunday night. I scrapped off a half inch of ice with 6 inches of snow on top of that. Temperature dropped into the single digits during the night and will be cold today and tonight. They say more later in the week for us. The sign seemed appropriate for the day.

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