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Reflecting back over my life I see a pattern where I’ve lived much of my life seeking to fill some void. I’m now aware this void is more of a spiritual hunger. It’s not a religious hunger, although I looked there. Maybe this assumed void has really been some subconscious spiritual part of me calling from within. It’s a new way of thinking and living in my life and sharing a bit of that with you.

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Whispered Prayers


Hanging On

I spent some time at the mall today. I wandered through a book store thinking a new book or magazine would perk up my mood. So many to choose from. I also stopped at the Apple Store to see about a neoprene cover for my Macbook but decided against it due to the price. I’m cheap, you know. I left there with a troubled and restless spirit. I felt I needed to be around nature so I stopped at Blendon Woods on the way home. Walking in the warm sun with my camera in hand is good medicine for a restless spirit. I began to notice how the forest canopy of leaves are now the forest’s carpet, the leaves falling to the earth as part of its journey to nurture next springs growth. The nakedness of the trees signals winters approaching season. My spirit noticed how some leaves still hang on, clutching tightly as the wind tries to set them aloft. So I focused on the leaves, took a few images while my spirit whispered prayers.

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Music from Within





I sure don’t sing very well. Practice would probably help but I doubt I could make a living at it. I would most likely loose a few friends if I sang too often. I also do not listen to much music since the radio in my car and my home stereo went “kaput.” I have an iphone but have not music on it. The music I enjoy at this place and time in life is sounds of nature: wind as it blows through trees, birds sining their morning song, water flowing in a stream, leaves crunching under foot, rain falling and even the quiet of snowfall.

But there is another enjoyable music in my life. I find at times while riding in my car or on a walk, that a song will rise up inside me and my spirit will quietly sing. There are those songs from the past, stored in my memory, that rise up and every once in a while a newly created song will flow forth. So when my spirit wants to sing, I do. It’s music from within, not from my ipod.

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