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Storm Clouds Along the Colorado Front Range

Storm Clouds Along the Colorado Front Range

We have had cloudy and cooler weather for the past few days, seeing less of our Colorado sunshine. This past Saturday was a day for lovely clouds and not just a gray sky. I have taken several images from this location and always include the trees. 

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Chasing Clouds

Chasing Clouds

Chasing Clouds

As the storm clouds were building up in the northeast yesterday afternoon, I grabbed the camera and tripod and headed that way. This storm had some strength as the tail winds were quite powerful making it difficult to steady the camera. There were lightening strikes in the mists of the clouds which gave me an idea on capturing them. I decided to make an experiment with my camera using the interval timer. I closed my aperture down to f22 and set my ISO to 200 to get as long an exposure as I could for each shot. I then was set up my camera to shoot an image every 5 seconds for as many images as I wanted.  No such luck but I think it will work and I’ll try it again some time. Has anyone ever done this before? I did enjoy my time away from the city noise and watching nature show off.

Next week I will be house sitting for a couple of friends in their straw bale house and 40 acres of prairie. Just me and the chickens for a week at The Prairie House.

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Stormy Looking Clouds

Storm Clouds

Storm Clouds

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Storm Clouds Over the Plains

Stormy Weather

“It isn’t what a picture is of, it is what it is about.” – John Szarkowski

And that involves the photographer and the viewer.

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Contemplation and Listening

Storm Clouds

When people confine themselves to their prisons made of asphalt, concrete, glass, bank accounts, office cubicles, new cars, large homes, malls, theaters and our inflated egos, we have no concept of what our natural world offers us. I believe some people feel they are bigger than the world, own it and have the right to destroy it. The word that comes to mind is entitlement. Yet, we really have no idea how insignificant we are in the scheme of nature. How many of us focus on what we can take from the world not what we can offer back to the world? What direction would our world be moving towards if more (idealistically everyone) were to connect with nature? Touching nature does not need to be a week long back packing trip. It can be a walk in a natural area or wildlife refuge or the local botanical garden or your own garden or a farmers field. I like how John Sexton says it in the quote I posted a few days ago, “…I feel quiet, yet intense energy in the natural elements of our habitat. A sense of magic prevails. A sense of mystery. It is a time for contemplation, for listening…”

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Passing Storm at DIA

Passing Storm Over DIA

“It is light that reveals, light that obscures, light that communicates. It is light I “listen” to. The light late in the day has a distinct quality, as it fades toward the darkness of evening. After sunset there is a gentle leaving of the light, the air begins to still, and a quiet descends. I see magic in the quiet light of dusk. I feel quite, yet intense energy in the natural elements of our habitat. A sense of magic prevails. A sense of mystery. It is a time for contemplation, for listening – a time for making photographs.” – John Sexton

This image was a happen-chance. I was heading to a location for an image I had in my head. Storm clouds were overhead as the sun dropped below the clouds offering up a wonderful warm glow over DIA. Being the maniac I am, I pulled over, ran around the front of my car and took two shots before the light changed. I then smiled. We maniacs do that.

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After the Storm

Facing the Storm

After the storm clouds, with their rain, thunder and lightening, moved eastward I decided to follow along looking for interesting clouds and, of course, a tree in solitude. Joyfully I found both.

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