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Forest Fires

Front Range Sunset

Front Range Sunset

It was hazy all day yesterday due to smoke from all the forest fires burning. I drove out east of town hoping to see a red sunset and to get out of the city. This image does not show the intense orange of the sun through the smoke. Hope you have a super Awesome Sunday! 

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Shadows and Sunlight

Morning Shadows

Morning Shadows and Sunlight 

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Happy Birthday, Chris

Late Afternoon and Palm Trees

Late Afternoon and Palm Trees

A daughter is one of the most beautiful gifts this world has to give. – Laurel Atherton

It is beautiful but cold down here and for those who are residents, it is real cold. I went for a walk Sunday afternoon with bright sunshine but into a slight breeze from the west. Let me tell you that breeze was chilly. Been here a week and enjoying the time with my parents, having them all to myself. But, this time with them brings the awareness of their increased years. Spending time with them is precious to me.

Also, today is my oldest daughter, Christine’s, birthday. As each birthday celebration of my children or grandchildren comes along it brings an awareness of their aging and mine. The number of years is irrelevant as life is moving way too fast. Time with them is special and sometimes seems like there is not enough. Anyway, Happy Birthday, Chris! You are a star! I love you!

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Sunrise Along County Road 13

It’s my belief passionate photographers have a voice inside that suggests ideas for images. These ideas randomly present themselves at the strangest moments: driving the car, taking a shower, dreams in the middle of the night, scrambling eggs, reading a book, etc. Some we remember and some fade off in the darkness of forgotten moments. Some inspirational moments are to motivate us, make us take action. The above image was just such an inspiration.

The inspiration came to me on a Saturday afternoon. The Idea was for a Sunday morning sunrise shoot. I knew about where on County Road 13 I wanted to setup and what time I needed to be there. Other than that I did not have any specific vision. I knew there were trees and fence posts that I could include in the image. I would not know what I’d come home with but I needed an image. It was also about experiencing a morning sunrise not. Probably more importantly, I needed to take action of that voice. As these small trees are on private land I needed to shoot from the bar ditch or road. I walk up and down the dirt road for places to setup. The temperature was a warm 34 degrees compared to the single digits we had the previous week. The cold was invigorating even though my fingers were aching when I finished. It’s not an image I will print but it was just what I needed. I followed the inspiration.

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Morning Sun


Morning Sun

Morning Sun

What is it about cemeteries that catch my interest. I’m not morbid. There is something about them that is artistic. We have patterns, shapes, colors, and shadows, all of which my photographers eye is drawn to. On this specific morning I was not headed for any cemetery but as I turned the corner and saw the light, I had to pull in and spend some time there. Starbursts can change the feeling of an image. Without this starburst it would be a simple and dull image of a tree and grave stones. By using an aperture of f11 I was able to attain the star effect but not the lens flare. Oh well, the image works for me and hope is does for you.

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