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Happy New Year!

I do not normally post favorites of the past year as it just did not interest me. However, it is a good exercise to reflect back over the past year because we can assume nothing much happened. Reflection is wonderful so here are a couple things that happened this past year.

I had a chronic medical problem reach a critical stage in late May and needed to have surgery. The surgery was a success and the quality of my life improved greatly.

I did take in a couple of trips. One trip took me the Phoenix area for about 6 weeks. I did some camping on my drive down; one night in The Great Sand Dunes and one night at Canyon De Chelly National Monument. I was able to spend quality time with my parents which is always good. Then my sister and I flew down to Phoenix for Thanksgiving with family. Awesome time and way to much food consumed.

I’m enamored again with fountain pens. Had several given to me and purchased six of my own. Now have 14 to choose from each morning when I pick up my journal. Let’s see, what color of pen and ink to want to use today is the biggest decision to start the day. ūüôā

Most of my photography seemed to be focused on the street scenes, candid portraits and fewer landscapes. I also did a few portraits. I worked more with black and white images for the year. Anyway, below are a few images I like from this past year.

It is my hope everyone has a wonderful 2017 filled abundantly with joy, love, peace, serenity, adventure, family, friends, new beginnings and dark chocolate.

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Along the Road

Along the Road

Along the Road

I took this image somewhere between Cowdrey and Walden, Colorado. I had ridden my motorcycle, a BMW1150RT, over Cameron Pass to visit some friends who lived in Cowdrey.  On my way home I noticed this view and needed to stop, take it in and get my camera out. Sometimes I really miss that motorcycle.

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From the Past

San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge

San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge

This is from a trip I made to San Francisco back in October 2005. I flew out and stayed in a hostel in San Francisco and walked the streets. I processed this image using Silver EFEX Pro 2.

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Back Home

Fallen Leaves

Fallen Leaves

It’s good to be back home. I left on Saturday morning from Surprise, AZ and drove to Las Vegas, NM. It was a longer day so my drive on Sunday was shorter. I woke early and left early which allowed me to arrive about 12:30 pm. ¬†The drive north is almost a constant climb in elevation, even going over a couple of passes. The elevation change allowed for a scenic drive as I saw the colors changing as I moved through different elevations.

I missed the slow gradual changing of colors and the dropping of leaves here at home. Many of the trees have lost leaves or are at the end of the color changing, leaving brown leaves awaiting the next wind to blow them off. But, if you’ve followed me you will know I love leaves¬†as does fellow photographer¬†Mark Graf. I found these while on me walk over to the coffee shop.¬†Nature has a way of creating an infinite number of patterns and colors. I love it.

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Sunrise on Peralta Trail

Sunrise on Peralta Trail

I arrived at my parents home yesterday afternoon about 12:15. I have had some wonderful weather for this trip. But, let me tell you the heat difference driving into Phoenix was a major shift for my body. It was a 100 degrees when I arrived.

I awoke early and could see lightening north of the Superstition Mountains so I jumped in the car and drove out to Peralta Trail. I had to spend extra time on this image due to dust spots on the sensor. Frustrating.

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Drifting and Blowing

Blowing Drifting Snow

Blowing Drifting Snow

As I mentioned I was off line for a few days as I traveled with my sister to the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandle area for a funeral. We knew there would a storm moving through Colorado on Monday but felt it would be okay to travel.  We headed home on Tuesday morning thinking we would be just fine. As you can see we discovered some very high winds and blowing, drifting snow once we entered into the southeast corner of Colorado. These conditions lasted for about a hundred miles then we had much better roads and sunny weather to travel in. We just followed two semi trucks, figuring they knew what was ahead. The Fort Collins area receive 12 inches of snow. And, of course along with that comes the colder temperatures.

Bicycling in the Cold

Bicycling in the Cold

Yesterday morning on my walk to coffee I noticed this man riding his bicycle. That’s not anything unusual especially in a college town. What was unusual is the temperature was 1 degree. I’m layered and shivering while he pedals away. I prefer warmer riding weather. Different strokes for different folks. Stay warm.

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We Are Nature

This image was taken in 2004 just afater the massive fires in Glacieer National Park. The haze of smoke is evident in the mountains and you could smell it.

This image was taken in 2004 just after the massive fires in Glacier National Park.

Back in 2004 I made a road trip on my motorcycle to the west coast. During the 3 week trip I road 4200 miles. I drove down the northwest coast of Washington into Oregon, ate seafood in Seattle and tried to cover as many National Parks as I could fit into the schedule. I camped along the road except for 4 four nights, setting up camp primarily in National Parks.

I only scheduled¬†one afternoon and night in Glacier National Park which is not near enough time to really see the park. I setup camp in one of the campgrounds near Lake McDonald but for the life of me can’t remember which one. The previous year was one of the worst seasons of fire in Glacier National Park. A 136,00 acres were burned that year. One of the largest fires was the Roberts Fire, which burned 57,570 acres, that is near the lake. I could see the barren and naked landscape across the lake. There was a fire burning nearby, causing a haze to settle into the lower valleys of the park.

It’s cold outside this¬†evening so I’m¬†going through my archives and found this image that caused me to remember ¬†the trip.¬†I wrote about this trip before and have a color image or the lake, if you care to check it out. I converted this image to black and white with Silver Efex Pro using one of the presets then making a few simple adjustments in Lightroom 4.

A final thought : I have in the past wished we had more respect for nature but I think I would rather we understood that “we are nature.”

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