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Lamy Logos

Lamy Logos

“A pen transmits the voice of the soul.” Fennel Hudson

I now have two Lamy Logos. One is a pearl color and the other is twilight. I have a deep blue ink in the pearl Logo and a black/brown ink in the twilight Logo.  

I enjoy going to coffee shops but it’s not just for coffee. These small shops are an extended family. A connection can be make with the baristas and many of the regulars. We get to know one another, the good things in life and the hard stuff we deal with. I come to watch people and to meet total strangers, who sometimes become friends. I come here to write in my journal about what I see, feel and what I dream. I sip on my mocha, a dark brew, a tea and every so often a chai. I write. I’m happy.

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New Fountain Pen

Monteverde Prima in blue marble

Monteverde Prima in blue marble

I was gifted a beautiful fountain pen from a good friend, a Monteverde Prima. It is a physically bigger pen than I’m used to writing with so it’s a slightly different experience. However, I’m enjoying the experience. It had a #6 broad nib which puts down a wider line than I prefer. I put a #6 fine nib from Nemosine and find that to be more to my liking. I love the blue marble color. Each pen will have its own unique marbling to it. There is just enough sparkle for me to enjoy.

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Cursive Writing


TWSBI Eco with Pelikan Brilliant Brown Ink

I do not write novels or technical reports. I leave that to those with the passion and talent to do so. My writings/musings are confined to my daily carry journals. Within the pages are a mix of daily events, a few quotes that resonate with me, my thoughts and questions about life and a book I many have read, dreams of what could still be and letters to the Source within me. It is a creative art form.

All my writing is done in cursive. My journal is always with me, allowing me to make entries wherever I am, the coffeehouses, the library, a restaurant, parks, nature areas and more. Because of that people will see me write. When they realize I write in cursive it draws their interest and curiosity. That is primarily because our cursive writing is almost a lost art in our world of emails, text messages and skypeing. Nor, is it a required part of our school curriculum.

And what is cursive? It is any style of penmanship in which the symbols of the language are written in a conjoined and/or flowing manner, generally for the purpose of making writing faster. The origins of the cursive method is associated with practical advantages of writing speed and infrequent pen lifting to accommodate the limitations of the quill. (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

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A Favorite Spot

A Favorite Spot

A Favorite Spot

This is an image of one of my favorite spots at Morgan Library to write. I usually arrive at the library around 7:20 then grab a mocha latte at the small coffee shop. For exercise I then walk up stairs to the third floor and over to the east wing.  So somewhere around 7:40 I’m sitting at one of the four tables outside the conference rooms.

I have with me my journal, two fountain pens (Lamy Logo in Pearl), my Kindle Paperwhite, maybe a book, my camera and an extra lens. It’s quiet. I love the light. It’s a favorite spot.

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This is my TWSBI Eco fountain pen. This pen is not as attractive to me as my conventional pens because it is a demonstrator pen. A demonstrator pen is made of clear resin so you can see the inside of the pen, its piston mechanism and ink flow. I have this pen loaded with Pelikan Edelstein Topaz ink which is a very pretty blue. The more I use this pen the more I like it. It is a smooth writer and allows good ink flow. I ordered the medium nib which seemed too wide for me until I found this ink that works well with the wetter nib.  

A side note. Had to replace my water heater on Thursday. I have been wanting to replace it for the past year as it’s somewhere between 16 and 18 years old. The last thing I need is to have it break down and deal with flooding. On Monday it began making unfamiliar noises so I called to have it replaced. There is a sigh of relief but also a cringe because my wallet it $1150 lighter which means a delay on the next camera lens. 🙁

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My Life and more….

My Essentials

My life: a hat, journal, fountain pen, books, laptop, desk and camera

My role as an observer of an image is much different as I practice and mature with photography. I am grateful I’ve come to see the world with new eyes when I look through the viewfinder of my camera. I contribute this with time, practice and learning to be present to life. Likewise, my role as an observer of another person’s image has changed. There has always been the draw of colors, patterns and especially the light and shadows. But, the story an image expresses is becoming a greater interest within me.

I’m posting this image because it says something about me at this time in my life. It tells a story: it tells you I wear a favorite hat on an almost daily basis, it tells you I have established a routine of writing almost daily basis for many years using a small collection of fountain pens, it tells you I allow the words from sacred texts of many faiths, poets, mystics, and creatives transforms me as a person. And, since I’ve taken the image myself it tells how a camera is always with me and used as a creative tool and inspiration in my life. It says something about my life and more.

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