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Happy New Year

Here are a dozen images from 2017 that I liked. Happy New Year and hope the coming year is full of good things for you. 

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Fall Reflections

Fall Reflections

“I think (too much), therefore I am (not there to live my life).” Thich Nhat Hanh

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Sunset at Hiawatha Lake

Sunset at Hiawatha Lake

Sunset at Hiawatha Lake

Nothing makes a sky like the combination of clear skies from rain earlier in the day and scattered clouds. Then when you add a some boats along the shore we have the potential for a nice image. I think that’s we got.

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Sunset at Lake Ramona

Sunset at Lake Ramona in Red Feathers Lake

Sunset at Lake Ramona in Red Feathers Lake

Red Feather Lakes comprises the village which has three small general stores, an Ace hardware store, an outdoor sports shop, a community library, small antique store, and post office. There are several rustic mountain restaurants in the community. It also has several small lakes in close proximity of Red Feather Lakes Village.Dowdy Lake, Parvin Lake, West Lake, and Lake Bellaire are open to the public and maintained by Colorado State Wildlife Areas. There are eight private lakes within the Village that require a membership to access.

I stayed with my friend Don at his rustic cabin. He has had this cabin for the past 16 years and uses it for a sanctuary to get away from the busyness of the city. On Wednesday evening we drove to a couple lakes for any opportunities for sunset reflections in the lakes. Overcast skies and rain fell throughout the day. After eating BBQ chicken from the grill we noticed a break in the clouds with the possibility for some color and reflections. I think that’s what we got.

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A Log and It’s Shadow

Log and It’s Shadow

Log and It’s Shadow

Took a walk this past Sunday along the Red Fox Meadows nature trail. Mostly cloudy day but so enjoyable and much needed time in nature to clear the thinking. It also provides the exercise my body and spirit need. I find it fascinating when scenes appear that catch my attention and become an image for me. I feel like a child discovering something new. Processed this image with one of the presets in Silver EFEX Pro. Made a tone curve adjustment then posted it.

“Nobody can discover the world for somebody else.  Only when we discover it for ourselves does it become common ground and a common bond…” Wendell Barry

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We Are Nature

This image was taken in 2004 just afater the massive fires in Glacieer National Park. The haze of smoke is evident in the mountains and you could smell it.

This image was taken in 2004 just after the massive fires in Glacier National Park.

Back in 2004 I made a road trip on my motorcycle to the west coast. During the 3 week trip I road 4200 miles. I drove down the northwest coast of Washington into Oregon, ate seafood in Seattle and tried to cover as many National Parks as I could fit into the schedule. I camped along the road except for 4 four nights, setting up camp primarily in National Parks.

I only scheduled one afternoon and night in Glacier National Park which is not near enough time to really see the park. I setup camp in one of the campgrounds near Lake McDonald but for the life of me can’t remember which one. The previous year was one of the worst seasons of fire in Glacier National Park. A 136,00 acres were burned that year. One of the largest fires was the Roberts Fire, which burned 57,570 acres, that is near the lake. I could see the barren and naked landscape across the lake. There was a fire burning nearby, causing a haze to settle into the lower valleys of the park.

It’s cold outside this evening so I’m going through my archives and found this image that caused me to remember  the trip. I wrote about this trip before and have a color image or the lake, if you care to check it out. I converted this image to black and white with Silver Efex Pro using one of the presets then making a few simple adjustments in Lightroom 4.

A final thought : I have in the past wished we had more respect for nature but I think I would rather we understood that “we are nature.”

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Last Nights Concert

Sunset over Timnath Reservoir

Sunset over Timnath Reservoir

Went to the concert at Timnath Reservoir along County Road 13 last night. Performing artists were by the Red-winged Blackbirds, Yellow-headed Blackbirds, meadowlarks, at least two grackles, and  croaking frogs. I pleased to see for the first time a special performance put on by several Western Grebes.

Western Grebes in a rushing courtship

Western Grebes in a “rushing” courtship

I witnessed several pairs of grebes rise in the water and scurry across as in the image above. Excuse the poor image as they were beyond the reach of my lens. This dance was a new experience for me. As it is a mating time I guessed it to be some courtship and had to look it up when I got home. This courtship happens entirely in the water and is known as “rushing,” where two birds turn to one side, lunge forward in synchrony, their bodies completely out of the water, and race across the water side by side with their necks curved gracefully forward. It was awesome and a great way to finish my day.

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